Paint Brush from the Archives!

Whilst having a recent clear out, a came across a bag of 5×4 transparencies! Spares from a shoot I did many years ago, long before the digital revolution!

I remember it well… I was commissioned to shoot a paintbrush for Macpherson Paints which would have a range of coloured paint applied to the bristles with the help of a model maker.
The image would then be stripped into a landscape of rolling hills…
Unfortunately, I have not yet found the finished piece of work, but I do remember the hours spent with cotton wool, fishing line and blue gels creating the reflection of the sky in the metal to match the landscape image!

Oh, those were the days!!



About phil cawley

I am a Photographer... Most of my work is studio still life! My subjects never complain, never throw a tantrum and don't get bored! Just the way I like it.
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