Reduced Now £1100.00 my much loved Mamiya RZ67 ProII Kit

For Sale
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Medium Format SLR Film Camera kit with Winder, 3 Lenses, 3 Backs, Polaroid Back, AE Prism Finder all in a sturdy custom case.

Owned from new, it’s in great condition and in excellent working order, It is just not getting the use it deserves anymore, so here it is!
When it was being used regularly it very rarely went out on location and spent most of the time in a warm dry studio as a second/backup camera.
The camera body has always been used with the power winder, so there has never been any undue force or excess pressure on the winding gears or mechanism.

All 3 lenses are in immaculate condition, no scuffs or scratches on the elements, no mold or fungus inside the elements! I never leave lenses without caps for more than a minute or 2 and would never dream of transporting them without front and back caps on.

The AE prism finder cost around £800 and I have probably used it about 10 times, again this is in excellent condition and works perfectly.

The G-2 Lens hood has a handy integral slot to hold 75mm x 75mm gel filters.

The case was custom made by Samcase who made flight cases for the film and TV industry. Its made from aluminum with a professional custom cut foam interior.
The design has been really well thought out to maintain even distribution of weight and balance. Even the RZ body would remain the right way up while being carried! The locking catches have holes for customs seals and one has a loop for a padlock. All the handles and catches fold flat and well below the sturdy corner bumpers.
I sprayed it matt black to make it look less ‘desirable!’ A wipe with cellulose thinners would soon bring it back to shinny bling… If that’s what you prefer!

I have owned all of this equipment from new, its always been well cared for, never been dropped, bashed, abused or mistreated.

Items included:
Mamiya RZ67 ProII body
Waist Level Finder
Power Winder II
3 x 120 Roll Film Holders
Polaroid Back
65mm F4 Lens
90mm F3.5 Lens
180mm F4.5 Lens
AE Prism Finder
Custom made case by Samcase
Instruction Manuals
RZ Camera strap
G-2 Bellows Lens Hood
3 x Rubber Lens Hoods

Cash Price £1100.00

See more here:

Mamya RZ67


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I am a Photographer... Most of my work is studio still life! My subjects never complain, never throw a tantrum and don't get bored! Just the way I like it.
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